Town Manager

The Town of Fraser is a Statutory Municipality with a Town Board-Manager form of government. The Town’s legislative authority is vested in an elected seven member Town Board, which includes the Mayor. These elected officials act as our citizens’ representatives to watch over and determine the direction of the organization.

The Town Board appoints a professional manager to run the day to day operations of the organization. The Town Manager is the chief executive administrative officer of the Town and is responsible to implement and manage programs which carry out the Town Board's policies and goals. Generally speaking, the Town Manager reports directly to the Town Board and all employees (either directly or via their supervisor) report to the Town Manager.

Contact the Office of the Town Manager for any of the following:

  • Discuss organizational concerns
  • Arrange or schedule policy or legislative discussions with the Town Board
  • Questions regarding any Town programs, policies, or Departments
  • Propose new programs or initiatives

The Town Manager can be contacted in person at Town Hall. It is recommended to schedule an appointment for personal visits or meetings.


Town services are provided through various departments, including Administration, Finance, Public Works, Law Enforcement, Community Development and Special Projects and Events. Each department is expected to provide high-quality customer service to the public and to all other departments within the town. The public includes our permanent and seasonal residents, property owners, business owners and our community’s guests.