Utility Billing & Payments

The Town of Fraser is responsible for providing its citizens and the community at large with a reliable supply of quality drinking water and then, returning the clean water back into our rivers and streams. Here in the high country, water is a precious commodity, please conserve whenever possible.

Water utility and sewer collection operations are supervised by the Public Works Director, with the daily operation of the systems being performed by the Water and Wastewater Superintendent. The Town Board is the governing body for the utilities, with input provided by the Water / Wastewater Committee. We thank our residents for keeping us informed of many water system issues (leaks, concerns related to uninhabited units, suspicious activities around the Town’s wells or production facilities).

Utility Statements

Water and Wastewater utilities are billed in arrears with statements mailed quarterly (March, June, September and December) and payments are due on the 25th of the month following the billing (April, July, October and January). Penalties and interest are assessed on outstanding balances.  Learn How to Read Your Utility Statement. (PDF). Water Saving Tips


Payments for the quarterly bill should be made out to the Town of Fraser and for those individuals with multiple accounts, a single check for all your accounts is acceptable. Please include your invoice remittance stub with all payments. 

Online payment by credit card or e-check is available on our website's home page. Payments are also accepted by mail, in person or by utilizing the after-hours drop box which is located to the right of the Fraser Town Hall door. 

Partial Payments

We understand that a quarterly billing can be a financial strain, especially when you forget that it is coming. Partial payments can be made on account at any time prior to the quarterly due date. All payments received will be reflected on your quarterly billing statement. For any individuals suffering financial hardships, please contact the Utility Department to arrange for an acceptable payment plan - please do not just disregard your invoices.