Short Term Rentals

Short Term Rental Regulations

The Town of Fraser passed Ordinance No. 449 Series of 2017 establishing rules and regulations relating to the registration and operation of short term rentals (STR). Effective December 17, 2017 all property owners that desiring to rent a residential dwelling or a portion thereof for less than 30 days is required to maintain a current short term rental registration.

The Town of Fraser passed Ordinance 488 Series 2022 effective September 24, 2022. This ordinance updated the rules, regulations, annual application fee, annual permit fee, safety measures and violations. The short-term rental unit permit is issued to the specific owner of the property. The permit shall not be transferred or assigned to another individual, person, entity, or address but may be managed by a third party on behalf of the owner.

Where to Register your STR and your STR business license

The Town is working with MUNIrevs to provide our short term rental registration and short term rental business licensing. The website to register your STR and your short term rental business license is located at  Please contact MUNIrevs directly for any support necessary to register the STR or STR business license at If you have any questions about the rules or regulations regarding STR please contact the Short Term Rental at 970-531-7984 or email.

Registration Requirements

  1. Property Owner information. This will include name, physical and mailing address, phone number and email.
  2. Proof of ownership. This can be the deed, mortgage statement or water/sewer bill.
  3. The property owner or property management company must be available to attend to property problems within one and a half hours. This will include name of contact and phone number for property owner or property management company name and phone number. Must be available 24 hours a day.
  4. Parking Plan. Parking in private driveways shall be utilized first with overflow parking on the street if permitted.
  5. A receipt of a short-term rental booking of the unit issued within the 60 days, if applicable, following registration showing collection of all taxes due the Town of Fraser as a result of the rental.
  6. Any other information as may be deemed necessary by the Town.

Safety Equipment and Safety Measures

To ensure the health, safety, and welfare of short-term renters, the following safety equipment must be installed, and safety measures must be taken.

  1. Smoke detectors must be installed and operable in each unit in accordance with current Town building regulations;
  2. Carbon monoxide detectors must be installed and operable in each unit in accordance with current Town building regulations; 
  3. Fire extinguishers on every floor of the unit, which must be visible or clearly marked; and
  4. Egress doors and windows must remain operable and cleared of snow, debris or any other obstruction.

Emergency Services personnel may request to enter upon and inspect the unit to ensure compliance with the provisions of this chapter. Such entry and inspection shall only be permitted between the hours of 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM after providing the property manager of the unit at least seven business days' written notice of the intent to inspect. The property manager or other designated representative is required to coordinate with emergency services personnel on the unit to provide access for compliance inspections. Compliance inspections will be conducted at random or if any public safety concern has been reported.

Application Fee

The annual application fee is one hundred and fifty dollars $150. Registration must be renewed annually, and the annual term for registration shall commence upon approval of the application. Proof of current registration must be posted in a conspicuous location within the short-term rental property. The application fee is to finance the cost of administering and ensuring compliance of terms, conditions and requirements for short-term rental operations.

Permit Fee

The annual permit fee is a per bedroom fee. A bedroom is according to the property assessor plus every additional sleeping area with a bed, not including pull out or slide out sofas, will be counted as an additional bedroom. Studios are counted as one bedroom. The permit fee is for the purpose of funding affordable housing initiatives and programs as approved by the Fraser Housing Authority.  

$150 per bedroom beginning October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2023
$250 per bedroom beginning October 1, 2023 through September 30, 2025
$350 per bedroom beginning October 1, 2025 and thereon after

Business License

The property shall have a Fraser Business License in order to operate in the Town. This may be obtained by the homeowner or a property management company. The property management company will hold one business license for all STRs that they manage. If no property management company is utilized then the property owner will obtain the business license. This application fee and annual renewal fee is $40. The license must be renewed annually, and the annual term for the business license is June 1- May 31. This must also be posted in a conspicuous location, at the home or at the property management company. 


Any person found to be advertising for rent or renting a short-term rental unit in violation of this article, will be notified for their 1st Violation warning by certified mail, return receipt requested, to cease and desist all offending actions. Upon receipt of the notice, the offending party shall have ten (10) business days to correct the offending action. Options would include, for example, removing the offending advertisement, ceasing the rental of the offending unit(s), bringing the rental property into compliance of this article, or obtaining a short-term rental permit. After the ten (10) business day period has ended without correction of the offending action or upon any further violation, the offending party shall be determined to be in violation of this section and shall be fined per the 2nd Violation and so forth as listed in the administrative penalty structure below in ten (10) business day increments until the offending action has been corrected or further legal action is taken as set forth in Section 1-4-10 of this code. The Town may levy an administrative penalty in separate ten (10) day increments within a 12-month rolling period for failure to comply with the provisions of this Short-Term Rental Regulation:

1st Violation - Warning
2nd Violation - Five hundred dollars ($500)
3rd Violation - One thousand dollars ($1000)
4th Violation - The short-term rental permit maybe revoked or suspended for a period of one year and shall be subject to penalty as set forth in Section 1-4-10 of the Fraser Municipal Code.

Sales Tax

All STRs must maintain a state sales tax license and remit the required sales and lodging taxes through the Colorado Department of Revenue. Current Sales Tax Rates: Fraser 5%, County 1.3%, State 2.9% and Lodging 1.8%


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