Weed Management

Plan of Action & Methods

The Town of Fraser has established a management plan to control noxious weeds on Town properties, rights of way, parks, service areas and watershed regions, commercial and residential areas. Integrated Management principles (biological, chemical, cultural and mechanical management) and the fundamentals of Best Management Practices to prevent non point-source contamination of water resources will be utilized to attain the goal of noxious weed control.

The Town complies with the State of Colorado Noxious Weed Act, the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Agriculture Department guidelines with the cooperation of the Grand County Department of Natural Resources.

The Town of Fraser uses herbicides to treat noxious weeds on Town properties. These applications occur during the summer months in the right of way, along the Fraser river trail, around the Lions Ponds, the paved bike path between Fraser and Winter Park, Rendezvous Park, the water treatment plants and other Town properties.


Currently, the Town is using the following herbicides to control weeds on Town-owned properties:

  • Dow products Milestone® Specialty Herbicide and Chaparral™
  • DuPont products Escort and Telar

More Information

To learn more about each of these products, visit the Crop Data Management Systems website, click on Services and choose the Manufacturer first, then the product name from the listings.