Business License

A business license is required for those who are starting a new business, becoming the new owner of an existing business, or changing or adding a new location to your business operations.


Business license highlights, requirements and responsibilities:

  • A business license shall be valid from June 1 through May 31 of each year
  • Business license application fee and the annual renewal fee is $40
  • A separate license is required for each location - or any location with signage
  • Business licenses are not transferable except in the event of a business sale
  • Business licenses are renewed annually, any existing licensee will be billed for the next year in May
  • The licensing of businesses allows the Town of Fraser to have the most current ownership information on file in addition allowing the Town to audit our sales tax submittals

Within Municipal Boundaries

All businesses operating within the municipal boundaries of Fraser must obtain a Fraser business license. This includes both fixed and non-fixed businesses, vacation rentals by owners, professional services, charitable operations, all subcontractors in the building industry, home occupations, temporary or special event and door to door solicitors. 

Temporary or Special Events

Businesses selling goods or services at temporary or special event venues are required to obtain a yearly special events vendor license, unless the event sponsor acts on behalf of all vendors to congregate and submit all sales tax.

Sales Taxes

All businesses operating within the municipal boundaries of Fraser must file a State of Colorado Business Registration Form - this can be done on line at the Colorado Department of Revenue. Businesses which sell, lease or rent items within the municipal boundaries of the Town, including items delivered to the Town, must collect and remit sales tax. Sales tax information is discussed in detail on the Sales and Use Tax page.

Submit Business License Application

For new business license please complete the business license application and payment below. 

For business license renewals you can submit payment at our online payment center, see the link at the bottom of the page.

New Business License Application and payment