Do I need a building permit for my project?

Most construction activities in the Town of Fraser require a building permit. Activities that do not require permits include finish work such as painting, carpet, etc., and fences under six feet in height or sheds and other accessory structures under 120 square feet in size (an electrical permit may be required). The Winter Park/Fraser/Granby Building Department serves as the building authority for the Town of Fraser.  The Building Department is located at the Winter Park Town Hall, 50 Vasquez Road, P.O. Box 3327, Winter Park, Colorado 80482 (970-726-8081 x5).  Additional information, including application materials, can be obtained at the Building Department website. 

The Town of Fraser functions as the planning and zoning authority. The Town of Fraser Planning Department is located at the Fraser Town Hall, 153 Fraser Avenue, P.O. Box 370, Fraser, Colorado 80442 (970-726-5491 x209).

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1. Do I need a building permit for my project?
2. What Building Code has the Town of Fraser adopted?