What was the Ski Train?

A Denver tradition for generations, the Ski Train was America's largest, scheduled passenger train. It carried passengers from Denver through the peaks of the Rockies for day trips to Winter Park - in summer for mountain biking, hiking and sightseeing; in winter for skiing and sightseeing. However, the Ski Train was sold to a Canadian concern. Its last run to the Winter Park Ski Resort was in 2009. Since 2016, Amtrak has partnered with Winter Park Ski Resort to run a ski train on select weekends during the months with the best snow. The ski train originates at Denver's Union Station, takes passengers directly to the siding at the Winter Park Ski Resort, turns around in Tabernash (just four miles north of Fraser) and waits at the siding in Fraser until the end of the day when it returns to the ski resort to pick up its passengers for the return trip to Denver. For more information, contact us at 970-726-5491.

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