Fraser informational Brochures

What Makes Living in Our Community Unique

Your guide to responsible citizenry, or how to be a good neighbor while living in the Town of Fraser. Community Living (PDF)

Animal Control

Download the Animal Control Guide (PDF) to understand your responsibilities as a pet owner within the Town of Fraser.

Noxious Weed Program

A reference guide (PDF) to the most common noxious weeds found in the Town of Fraser.

Water & Wastewater Billing

View the guide (PDF) to understanding your quarterly utility statement.

Sewer Line Backups

Information and resources for homeowners. Access the Sewer Line Backups Brochure (PDF).


A public education supplement to the Town’s Cross-Connection Control Plan (PDF).

Snow Management Operations Plan

Read our Snow Management Operations Plan (PDF). This includes everything you want to know about snow plowing route priorities and the part you play in making snow removal successful.