Acceptable Materials at The Drop

Recycling Items Accepted:

- Flattened Cardboard

- Magazines

- Office Paper and Junk Mail

- Phone Books

- Paperboard

- Brown Paper Bags

- Newspapers

- Plastic Bottles

- Glass Bottles and Jars

- Steel Cans and Empty Aerosol Cans

- Aluminum Cans, Aluminum Foil, and Pie Tins

- Wrapping Paper without bows (no glittery wrapping paper)

- Plastic containers that are labeled #1 - #7

Recycling Items Not Accepted:  

- Plastic Bags

- Styrofoam

- Batteries

- Paint Cans

- Steel rods or bars

- Anything NOT listed in ‘Recycling Items Accepted’ List 

Trash Items NOT Accepted: 

- Construction Materials

- Furniture

- Mattresses

- Appliances

- Large electronics (TVs, Microwaves, etc)

- Large items that would not normally go in a kitchen trash can

* Contact Waste Management or Trash Company to dispose of large items not accepted at The Drop.